Proellixe Vibration

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“Lose Inches Quickly as Core Muscles Tighten”

  • Slimming & Body reshaping.
  • Weight Loss – Increase Muscle Tone
  • Decrease Cellulite
  • Burns Fat, Increases Energy
  • Superior Sports Training
  • Scientifically Proven


Get in shape without perspiration, heart tempo alteration or muscle tiredness. The ProEllixe machine has been developed based on technology from Nasa. Now, instead of spending 2 hours in the gym, you can get the same effect in just 10 minutes.

Whole body vibration has been validated through 40 years of research. The technology utilizes a frequency range, which has been proven scientifically to be both safe and effective.

When a muscle fiber is stretched, it contracts by reflex (stretch reflex). By simply standing barefoot on the machine, vibration is generated and sent through your body, which passively stretches your muscles. This causes millions of muscle contractions, which increases muscle tone and size. As muscle density increases, your metabolic rate goes up, as an increase in muscle mass requires more energy.

Because whole body vibration is a “passive” exercise, neither perspiration nor lactic acid is generated. What this means for you is no increase in your heart rate, no need for a shower after, and no achy muscles the following day! Research has demonstrated that a 10-minute whole body vibration workout, barefoot but in the clothes you are wearing during your busy day, delivers the equivalent of an hour of weight training in a gym.

However, unlike the time-consuming health club workouts that concentrate on a specific muscle group, whole body vibration exercises muscles in the entire body.

The Proellixe is professional anti-aging whole body vibrational equipment to reduce the appearance of the cellulite, enhance lymphatic drainage, tone and slim and reshape your body, strengthen all the muscles and enjoy overall relaxation.
Only 10 minutes per day 3X a week is all you need to see the effects! Its safe, easy and fun!

The benefits of the Proellixe® Advanced Vibration Technology are considerable, as evidenced by its acceptance by major medical, rehabilitation and therapeutic centers across the country. It can enhance an individual’s general well being and quality of life regardless of age, medical, neurological or physical condition. Vibration training on the Proellixe® is used to substantially:

  • Improve muscle strength and performance
  • Increase flexibility and range of motion
  • Enhance critical blood flow throughout the body (oxygenation and lymph drainage)
  • Increase secretion of hormones that is important in regeneration and repair processes, such as HGH (Human Growth Hormone), IGF-1, and testosterone
  • Increase bone density
  • Increase of the happiness hormone serotonin and neurotrophine, a substance that supports our thinking process
  • Decrease cortisol levels
  • Rehabilitate injuries and ailments
  • Enhance explosive strength
  • Enhance conventional training results
  • Speed training recovery
  • Accelerate weight loss
  • Reduce lower back pain

Specific vibration frequencies are chosen to improve peripheral micro-circulation and the oxygenation of subcutaneous tissues to speed up fat metabolism and its optimal reorganization for smoother and radiant skin. Clinical studies have proven that regular usage of Proellixe improve the skin texture and its appearance. Produced vibrations open functional pathways between the cells, allowing the interstitial fluid to flow better, stimulating fibroblasts activity to produce more elastin and collagen for repair and maintain healthy youthful skin, excellent to keep your skin glowing for years.

High vibration frequencies stimulate the muscles contract relax reflex, causing millions of muscle contractions and increasing overall muscle tone. All muscles work out involuntary and strengthen themselves, even those that are not used in regular exercise. It acts without causing muscular fatigue, no lactic acid is generated. As muscle density increases, your metabolic rate goes up, increase in muscle mass requires more energy resulting toned, slim, lighter body.

Vibration frequencies 07-10 HZ influence the lymphatic drainage effect.
Vibrations stimulate the core muscles and improve the posture. Increased stability and better ROM for joints.

Low frequency vibrations 04-06 Hz have a whole body relaxing effect. Enhanced endorphins release, decreased levels of cortisol

(stress hormone ), greater human growth hormone levels

( repair hormone ). It acts like skin rolling massage, truly relaxing experience every single time